Serenity now!

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Track: Talk Is Cheap
Artist: Chet Faker
Album: Talk Is Cheap


the holy trinity

Had a swell time at Bombay Bicycle Club last night.



just saw a vid on facebook of four lads dressed as the teenage mutant ninja turtles cumming on a pizza i hate this world

earlier i said to myself i would try yoga tonight

that was three hours ago

i’m ready for bed now


Original “Star Wars” lobby card set

miniaturewhiski replied to your post:retrospecttoyourperception replied to your post:oh…

i saw her loool

i want to c ry

retrospecttoyourperception replied to your post:oh ps i’m like 75% sure i saw kim at kanye in the…

We saw her on the couches behind the sound stage!

oh my god oh my god oh my god you saw kim wtf ashleigh i’m so jealous


Nike and Jordan Brand aren’t the only companies pushing retros out to the public. new balanced retro-d the new balance 998 global exclusive and they were only sold at kith nyc with the special rope laces.the nifty part is that the laces have 3m and they say “Just Us" on the shoe lace tip.

oh ps i’m like 75% sure i saw kim at kanye in the distance but idk man my right eye is a little short sighted lol